One of the most common things that gets asked here is “Adult Friend Finder…is it a scam or legitimate?” This is an extremely common question and I honestly love getting asked it. The reason for this is simple, I love debunking “scam” claims and also spotting the “real” scams out there. Here’s a bit of an indirect answer: Adult Friend Finder recently went public on the stock market and people can openly purchase shares of the company. Their adult sex personals network has gotten so large and popular they’re actually a publicly held stock, meaning people like you and I can purchase shares of stock in the company. Still think it’s a scam?

Doing a bit of research online will get you some actual reviews made my satisfied users of Adult Friend Finder, that definitely prove it’s legitimacy. For example, several friends of mine have used the site consistently for quite some time now and still recommend others to it all the time. They even know a few women who use the site to meet other women and men (although they live in a different city and area). So, simply put Adult Friend Finder scam claims are false and the service is completely legitimate. As long as you utilize the service properly you can have tremendous success no matter where you live in the United States.

To anyone who asks “Is Adult Friend Finder legitimate?” the answer is: yes, just use the site correctly and don’t abuse it and you’ll quickly realize how powerful it is for meeting single women, men and couples who live right in your area.